Batman vs Mr. Freeze

Help Batman.

Batman Street Force

Batman needs your help.

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Mighty Micros

Get on your kart.

Harley Quinn's Modern Makeover

Harley Quinn is in love, so she has her mood changed. With mood change comes a huge makeover. Let...

DC SuperHero Girls Poison Ivy

DC universe allows you to experience exciting adventures. Today, we are gonna suggest you to dres...

DC SuperHero Girls Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is in the center of attention! She wants to play with you, but first you have to dre...

Batman Returns

After the short break Batman is finally back.

Justice League: Chronicles

Gather up the members of the Justice League squad and act!

Justice League: Injustice for All

Help Superman to stop the invasion of dangerous robots.

Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu

Lead Batman through the night city and defeat all enemies.

Batman: Vengeance

Batman should stop the Joker before he will complete his evil plan.

Batman the Umbrella Attack

Chase the Umbrella using your Jetpack avoid his followers.

Batman Revenge of Gorilla Grodd

Chase the car with Gorilla Grodd on the top of it and avoid traps.

Batman Return to Arkham

Help Batman to solve the maze and find the exit.

Batman's Power Strike

Batman's fist is the most dangerous thing of this hero.

Batman Night Sky Defender

The Batman is the only sky defender of the Gotham city.

LEGO Batman Hunting Two-Face

Pursuit the Two-Face and finish before he reaches the finish line.

Batman Countdown to Conflict!

Knock out the bad guys using your bare hands and dodge their attacks!

Batman Batarang Challenge

Batarang is the perfect weapon for Batman if he can't reach the enemy.

Arkham Asylum Break out

The Joker got out from his cell and he is going to terrorize the city again!

Justice League Brink of Apokolips

The evil villain wants to destroy the Earth with a deadly beam. Stop him before it will charge.

Justice League Dangerous Pursuit

Complete the chain of rescue missions and release various superheroes that were trapped.

Lego Super Heroes: Team up

All these characters are waiting for you! Use your skills and fight against many enemies right he...

Batman the Rooftop Caper

Grab bubbles & batorange up to new levels as you knock out villains.

Batman vs Clock King

Try to use all your skills and play as a Batman, whose task is to fight and show everyone that he...

Batman Dark Race

The Batman's car is waiting for you! So, if you wanna to be the real champion, then this is your ...

Proto Bat-bot: Bot Battle for Gotham City

Batman's robotic defenders have gone astray, the only one left is Proto Bat-Bot.

Super Perry and the Marvel Alliance

Super Perry also knows as Agent P from the cartoon 'Phineas and Ferb' is tired from the atrocity ...

LEGO Super Heroes Demolition

In this game you mission is to help the LEGO Super Heroes to compete the evil guys at the arena. ...

Gotham Streets

Are you ready to fight against crime in Gotham City? You are considered to be the villains' terro...

Streets of Gotham: Full Throttle

Do you know about Gotham Grand Prix in races? In this game you can’t take part in them. Choose yo...

Batman Saw Game

Have you ever dream to help the real super hero? Now all your dreams will come true! Help him to ...

Dynamic Doubleteam

Let's meet the cartoon heroes - Blue Beetle and Batman: this time they act like partners in order...

Batman. Ice Age

Winter has come early this year in Gotham City. It’s barely October and the streets are already b...

Batman. The Cat And The Bat

Catwoman has stolen your utility belt. Collect the batwave receivers she's dropped and find her! ...

Batman 3 - The Cobblebot Caper

Batman 3 - Another heroic adventure of the black caped crusader they call Batman

Batman - mystery of the batwoman

Help Batman rescue Catwoman from the clutches of the evil Penguin and his bunch of idiots. Batman...

Batman. Gotham Dark Night. Total Blackout

The Joker menaces to blow up Gotham City??Ts Power plant and plunge the city into darkness on...

The Chase. Batmobile

The Joker is littering Gotham city! Follow him in the Batmobile and try to stop his fiendish pl...

Batman. Ice Cold Getaway

Avoid the icebergs and collect diamonds to advance through levels. Mr. Freeze has stolen a pr...