Iron Man Rise of Ultron

Dodge missiles.

Thor Boss Battles

Bring back the relics.

The Legendary Relics

Acquire relic.

Spider-man Laboratory Lockdown

Proceed inside the lab.

Spider-Man: Battle for New York

Rescue the city.

Ghost Rider

Ride on your flaming bike.

  • Arcade
  • Classic
  • Gameboy
  • HTML5
  • Marvel
  • Nintendo
  • Retro
Spider-man Green Goblin Havoc

Dodge the attacks of your enemy.

Black Panther Jungle Pursuit

Defeat Hydra and disable a weapon.

Wolverine Tokyo Infiltration

Help Wolverine to complete all levels.

Spider-Man 3

Play Spider-Man and save the city.

Ultimate Spider-man Ultimate Spider-cycle

Ride the motorcycle and avoid the obstacles.

Ultimate Spider-Man Cyber Sabotage

Balance on your net and get all bonuses.

Spider Warrior

Defeat your enemy as Spider-Man.

Fantastic Four

Switch between four heroes.


Daredevil is here to fight injustice.

  • Action
  • Celebrity
  • Classic
  • Gameboy
  • HTML5
  • Marvel
  • Nintendo
  • Retro
Questprobe featuring Human Torch and the Thing

Play two Marvel heroes simultaneously and have fun.

Questprobe featuring Spider-Man

Play Spider-Man game and interact with other superheroes.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Defeat your enemies by replacing the current hero with another one.

Spider-Man 2

Take control of Spider-Man and deal with new force, that threats the city.


Spider Man knows what responsibility his power has.

Wonder Woman Last Woman Standing

Defend the Wonderwoman from the incoming shots.

Thor The Defense of Asgard

Thor is the only one who can defend Asgard from the hordes of enemies!

LEGO Marvel The Avengers Thor

Help Thor to save the Earth from the evasion!

Avengers Assemble Combined Strike

Complete the chain of missions playing for the Avengers squad.

Thor Bring the Thunder!

Thor is the young god who has to learn many things to become almighty!

Super Hero Squad Infinity Racers

The race is full of deadly turns, but you and your car are ready.

Ghost Rider Demon Duel

Use your whip to deal with zombies and creatures of the dark!

  • Action
  • Marvel
  • Shooting
  • Skill
  • Tower Defence
The Invincible Iron Man

Destroy your enemies using the flight stabilizer!