Tim Drake

Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu

Lead Batman through the night city and defeat all enemies.

Young Justice Shadow Mission

There is no place for weak in the pocket realm, but Robin will handle.

Teen Titans: Vertical Venture

Help Robin to climb the wall and avoid various traps and obstacles.

LEGO Batman Hunting Two-Face

Pursuit the Two-Face and finish before he reaches the finish line.

Batman Batarang Challenge

Batarang is the perfect weapon for Batman if he can't reach the enemy.

Teen Titans Go! Tower Lockdown

Could you believe that? This time you must help Robin to explore all the rooms and collect all ke...

Teen Titans. Tag Team Titans

Unleash the unique powers of all five Titans to defeat Brother Blood and the Hive.

Teen Titans. Calling All Titans

Master all the minigames, reunite the Teen Titans and put Slade down for the count

Teen Titans - One On One

Choose your favorite Titan and go toe-to-toe with a notorious villain!