Power Rangers

Paper Battle

Win the battle.

Power Rangers Time Force

Help Power Rangers to get things done.

Power Rangers Wild Force

Play Power Rangers and kill enemies.

Power Rangers S.P.D.

Destroy all enemies on your way.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Power Rangers will never leave innocent people with the deadly villain.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Legacy

The Power Rangers have a lot to do again. The evil cyborgs are going to capture the city, and onl...

Mega Zord Rush

The Power Rangers must rescue the planet again! Now it has been attacked by thousands of evil ali...

Forever Red

The legendary Power Rangers celebrate their 20th anniversary. But this doesn't release them from ...

Power Rangers Super Samurai Super Transformation

Just run and fight! Help the Rangers to kill all monsters. They are everywhere, so do not be indi...

Power Rangers: Samurai Defense

The power of the universe is in your hands. Use the Power Rangers tower abilities to stop Master ...

Power Rangers. Mystic Training

Welcome to Rootcore. Your mission is to train with the Power Rangers by completing a series of fi...

Battle Of The Worms

Fly over HEALTH shields to recharge. When your health is gone, the game is OVER. Use the SPACEBAR...

Gates of Darkness

The Hidiacs have taken Udonna deep into The Pit. Only the Mystic Force Rangers can help her now!

Ninja Storm

Use your Ranger skills to help the Red Ranger!

Power Rangers. Dinothunder

The evil Dr. mercer has trapped Tommy! It's now up to harness the powers of the remaining Rangers...