Zookeeper Caper

Pass the guards.

Clarence Reckless Ramps

Ride and get points.

Clarence Market Madness

Help Clarence to get products he needs.

Clarence Lizard Day Hunt

Catch as many lizards as you can during the day.

Clarence Scared Silly

Bring back the item from your collection.

Clarence Arm Shirt Juggle

Bounce the ball on your belly and count the points.

Wild Wreck Wheels of Wrath

Wreck other cars and defeat all of your opponents.

Clarence Blamburger

Enjoy the huge burger and help this fat guy to make it! Avoid all firecrackers and collect needed...

Clarence's Amazing Day out!

Play an amount of mini-games and be the winner! There are a lot of tasks, so be ready to solve it...

Clarence Saves the Day

Clarence’s mother has birthday tomorrow, and he must get a perfect present for her. Unfortunately...