Green Lantern

Justice League: Chronicles

Gather up the members of the Justice League squad and act!

Justice League: Injustice for All

Help Superman to stop the invasion of dangerous robots.

Green Lantern Battle Shifters

Complete the training of Green Lanterns and kill Parallax.

Green Lantern Battle Cards

Gather your own squad of deadly lanterns and beat your enemies.

Green Lantern Emerald Adventures

Explore the alien planets and defeat all enemies that will be on your way!

Justice League Brink of Apokolips

The evil villain wants to destroy the Earth with a deadly beam. Stop him before it will charge.

Justice League Dangerous Pursuit

Complete the chain of rescue missions and release various superheroes that were trapped.

Lego Super Heroes: Team up

All these characters are waiting for you! Use your skills and fight against many enemies right he...

Green Lantern. Space Escape

Help Green Lantern to escape from the labyrinth and save the Earth from the total destruction.