The Great Snail Race

Race as a snail.

Alvin Music Match

Match tunes.

Girm Squirmish

Kill squirm.

Arctic Pinball

Play arctic pinball.

Capture the Slime

Capture and secure.

A-maze-ing Finger Race

Lead characters.

Tree Top Gladiators

Become a gladiator.

Which Krabby Patty are You?

Grab your Krabby Patty!

Lights Out

Walk in the dark.

Lincoln's Sleep Leap

Use pillows.

The Fairly Odd Squad

Bring back the wand.

Paper Battle

Win the battle.

Living Loud Summer School

Collect items.

Krabby Patty Crisis

Throw burgers.

The Danger Trials

Manage keys.

Spin & Win!

Spin the wheel.

How Do You Sleigh?

Answer questions.

Library Scavenger Hunt

Find artifacts.

Welcome to the Wayne Trivia Quiz

Answer questions.


Complete the quest.

Explore the Wayne

Collect things.