The Great Snail Race

Race as a snail.

Arctic Pinball

Play arctic pinball.

Capture the Slime

Capture and secure.

A-maze-ing Finger Race

Lead characters.

Which Krabby Patty are You?

Grab your Krabby Patty!

Paper Battle

Win the battle.

Krabby Patty Crisis

Throw burgers.

Spin & Win!

Spin the wheel.

How Do You Sleigh?

Answer questions.

Live from Bikini Bottom 2

Have fun at the bottom.

Scary Brawl

Fight opponents.

Winter Wonderland Builder

Create a perfect winter.

Nick Basketball Stars

Play basketball.

Snail Care

Entertain snail.

Bikini Bottom Beat!

Click for music.

Land HO!

Collect burgers.

Lost Treasures

Collect items.

Tracks of Terror

Close screen.

Bikini Bottom Button Bash

Click and proceed.

Rock Collector

Collect rocks.

The Goo from Goo Lagoon

Unlock hidden memories.

Sketch it, Guess it

Sketch and guess.