Billy & Mandy


Use a cannon to punish enemies.

Battle of the Bands

Click on the right buttons to make sounds.

Big Top Billy

Show what you can in circus.

Evil Switch

Match three similar blocks.

Solar Wind

Fart in the Suit and dodge axes.

Roller Coaster of Horrors

Complete this nightmare roller coaster.


Kill all monsters inside the maze.

Harum Scarum

Use Halloween tricks to trap Jack-o-Lantern's horde of rotten pumpkin monsters!

Super Snowmobile Rally

You and your friends decided to take part in the snowmobile rally. Collect power-ups to speed you...

Magnet Face

Billy has been kidnapped by aliens and he is desperate to come back home. Solve all the puzzles, ...

Grim Ball

Grim challenged Mandy to play dodgeball with him. Help Mandy to teach that sack of bones a lesson...

Grim's Downfall

Grim has lost his scythe and his punishment is a nightmare of endlessly falling through the air. ...

Zap to it!

Mandy and Billy made a mess out of Billy's apartment. Billy's daddy is on his way home. Help Mand...

Snowbrawl 3 Multiplayer

Uh oh! Santa has been captured by the evil Ice King, and this Christmas is in a real danger. It's...

Snowbrawl 2

The Snowbrawl Tournament is a yearly snowball fighting tournament set on foot by Santa. As a trad...

Snowbrawl Fight

All characters of the Cartoon Network universe came together in a battle. This battle is friendly...


Billy is said to be able to predict the future!

The Fright Before Christmas

Help Billy, Mandy and Grim destroy the evil toys that have taken over Santa's toyshop.