Tom and Jerry

All Stars Super Goalie

Catch all balls.

All Stars Beach Pogo

Jump on pogo stick.

Tom and Jerry Don't Make a Mess!

Save the food.

Tom and Jerry Super Cheese Bounce!

Catch cheese.

Tom and Jerry Cheese Run

Collect cheese.

Tom and Jerry Memory Mischief

Match cards.

Tom and Jerry Backyard Battle

Select your character.

Tom and Jerry Chocolate Chase

Help Jerry escape.

Tom and Jerry Hidden Objects

Find all objects.

The Chase is on

Help Jerry.

Leaning Tower of Cheese-a

Build a tower.

Tom and Jerry Match'n'catch

Match objects.

Freefalling Tom

Collect feathers.

Tom and Jerry Arts & Crafts

Color patterns.

Tom and Jerry Picture Jumble

Assemble picture.

Tom and Jerry Run Jerry

Don't get caught.

Tom and Jerry Food Fight

Jump and get cheese.


Snap cards.

Tom and Jerry Hush Rush

Don't wake Tom.

Boomerang Sports

Complete three different games.

The Tom and Jerry: Broom Riders

Collect all items.

Tom and Jerry Colossal Catastrophe

In this game your goal is to collect all magic apples. Help our characters to win the terrible wi...

Run Jerry Run!

Thom and Jerry are bitter enemies! Jerry can not starve and has to steal food from Thom's owner a...

Tom and Jerry. Food Free-For-All

Help Jerry grab all the food he can while avoiding Tom and his tricky traps.

Tom And Jerry In Midnight Snack

Place the limited arrows correctly to get Jerry to grab all the cheese and the key to open the do...

Tom And Jerry. Refriger-Raiders

First Game: Move Jerry using the Arrow Keys. Pick up and drop food to a hungry Nibbles with the S...

Tom And Jerry. Mouse About The House

Jerry's in the garden and very hungry. Help him make his way through the house to the fridge ful...

Tom And Jerry - what's the catch?

Play as Tom or Jerry in this frantic chase game!


Tom and Jerry will never get along well. They can put up with each other only for several minutes...

Tom and Jerry: Rig-a-Bridge

Tom and Jerry are gruesome-twosome! Jerry is very hungry! He wants to eat some cheese. It is in t...