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Metal Slug Brutal

Metal Slug Brutal - New Remix. Shoot and destroy all enemies that come close

  • Action
  • Arcade
  • Classic
  • Shooting

Havoc and corruption swarms through the land, and you are one of those few wizards who can put an...

  • Strategy
Pucca Pursuit

Help Pucca on her pursuit to find her Ninja friend. Go through many levels dodging dangers and co...

Mr. Coo: El Laberinto Esferico

El Laberinto Esférico - The First Mr Coo Game aka Mr Coo - The Spherical Labyrinth is another poi...

  • Adventure
  • Quest
Ghost Castle

Little Emily lost in old castle with ghosts. Help her to solve all puzzles and find way out to th...

  • Arcade
  • Puzzle
The Code of the Cryptids

Unlock the Code of the Cryptids in this awesome adventure game. Explore a huge jungle temple to f...

Warlords: Heroes

Fight your way through 4 episodes of fantasy battle. Buying fighting moves, armour and hiring hen...

  • Adventure
  • RPG
  • Strategy
Power Rangers. Mystic Training

Welcome to Rootcore. Your mission is to train with the Power Rangers by completing a series of fi...

Battle Of The Worms

Fly over HEALTH shields to recharge. When your health is gone, the game is OVER. Use the SPACEBAR...

Funk Box

Rock out with superstar Sunny Bridges and his students as you create your very own songs.

Gates of Darkness

The Hidiacs have taken Udonna deep into The Pit. Only the Mystic Force Rangers can help her now!

Fight For Fashion

Oh my god! What am I wearing?!? Like, someone has stolen my favorite pink outfit! I don't know w...

Power Splash

Your girlfriend has been stolen also they clean in a boat a powerboat, turn to various monsters t...

Simpsons Magic Ball

magic ball is a classic game of memory and skill. First, watch the sequence of pictures Simpsons ...

Turtles Ninja - Foot Clan Street Brawl

Master Splinter has been kidnapped.Go to Shredder's lair,defeat him and rescue Splinter. Collect ...

Pac Adventure. Dracula's Castle

Evil and scoundrelly Dracula kidnap Pac's girlfriend. There is nothing Pac may do except enter Dr...

Tom And Jerry. Refriger-Raiders

First Game: Move Jerry using the Arrow Keys. Pick up and drop food to a hungry Nibbles with the S...

Sponge Bob. Anchovy Assault

Rapidly press "SPACE" to raise the power gauge while Plankton’s minions approach. When you kick t...

3D Rally Racing

Drive your Toyota Celica or Ford Focus and unlock all five tracks by placing first on each track.

  • 3D
  • Car Racing
  • Skill
  • Sport
Captain Zorro

Human's Mars colony where attacked by aliens from faraway planet “Zorgius”. Legendary captain Zor...

  • Shooting
  • Skill
Truck Zilla

Rumble around b4000 park to pick up the robot parts that you will need to build zoom-zoom island'...

  • Arcade
  • Puzzle
Scooby Doo. The Ghost Pritate Attacks

Guide Shaggy and Scooby through a series of interactive action and logic based puzzles.

From Russia With Love

James Bond 007 : From Russia With Love will be the game to put players in the universe of the cla...

  • Action
  • Arcade
  • Skill
Movie Wrecking Ball

Use control keys to adjust height of crane and to drive crane back and forward. Some tips: 1. sw...

Danny Phantom. Freak For All

Freakshow, the evil, demented circus maniac, has escaped with the reality gauntlet, To maintain t...

Curse Of Anubis. Pyramid Of Doom

Scooby and Shaggy are lost in an ancient and spooky Egyptian Tomb! Help them find their way out ...

Jackie Chan. Rely On Relics

Valmont has taken jackie's niece, Jade, to force Jackie to hand over the talismans he has in his ...

Treetop Trouble

Sokka has escaped his captors, and now he's in a race against time to save an entire village! He'...

  • Arcade
  • Cartoon
  • Skill
Blockade Blitz

Vilgax’s robots finally capture Ben and take him to Vilgax’s ship. Vilgax removes the Omnitrix fr...

Depth Charger

Dr. Kamikazi has launched a wave of deadly sea mines. Help Robotboy destroy the mines before they...

Team Work

Help Mac and the other imaginary friends rescue Bloo and get rid of the Extreme-osaurus. Grab the...

Ninja Storm

Use your Ranger skills to help the Red Ranger!

Transformers - Roll Out

The Speed Key will be ours! Not so fast, Decepticons! Rase the Decepticons to the Speed Planet Ke...

Savage Pursuit

Dr. Animo sends his mutant animals to retrieve the components for his Transmodulator. Ben, Gwen a...

Code Lyoco. Monster Swarm

Use the left and right arrow keys to move, and the up arrow key to jump. Press the Z key to melee...

Spider-man 3. Rescue Mary Jane

Mary Jane has been captured by Venom! Help Spider-Man reach her in time by swinging across the bu...

UFO Racing

Intergalactic association "UFO racing" hold an championship. You've got a chance to send a challe...

  • Car Racing
  • Skill
  • Sport
Naruto. Chunin Showdown

Build your chakra and face off as one of six Naruto characters.

Juniper Lee. Party Interrupted

While you were having fun at Jody's birthday party. You received the new that the Racatan was loo...

Santa's Tower. Red Beard Attack

Help Santa to protect Christmas presents from Red Beard and his gang

  • Action
  • Skill
The Fright Before Christmas

Help Billy, Mandy and Grim destroy the evil toys that have taken over Santa's toyshop.


Hack and slash your way through 15 stages of greek warriors.

  • Action
  • Sport
Teen Titans - One On One

Choose your favorite Titan and go toe-to-toe with a notorious villain!

Megaman VS Metroid

Megaman VS Metroid - super fight.

  • Action
  • Arcade
  • Classic
Megaman VS Ghosts'n Goblins

Megaman VS Ghosts'n Goblins. In the story behind the original series, Mega Man is a SUPERFIGHTI...

  • Action
  • Arcade
  • Classic
Shadow. The Hedgehog Flash

A black hedgehog who resembles Sonic. He is the ultimate life form created by Professor Gerald. H...

Mayan Mayhem: Episode 4 - Temple of Lost Souls

Guide Shaggy and Scooby through a series of interactive action and logic based puzzles. WATCH the...

Final Fantasy Sonic X 5

Final Fantasy Sonic X 5 - True tragedy Sonic pt.2

Dragon Ball 2

The action is so fast-paced and viscerally satisfying that it can genuinely appeal even to those ...

Metal Slug. Last Mission

A game that truly mimics Metal Slug games. Plays exactly like the real thing featuring great grap...

  • Action
  • Arcade
  • Classic
  • Shooting